Emergency Medical Products (EMP) is pleased to announce the launch of a secondary website, Alternate Care by EMP.  While EMS continues to be our core business, we continue to look at expanding our customer base into other markets that have a need for emergency medical supplies and related equipment.  While the product cross over with our EMS supplies is similar, we plan to expand our Alternate Care product offerings to include areas such as surgery centers, physician offices, plastic surgery centers, medical spas, pain management clinics, and gastroenterology clinics, just to name a few.

Our Alternate Care by EMP website is easily accessible from our existing EMP website.  In the upper left hand corner of our EMP website you will see two tabs.  One for EMP and one for Alternate Care.  You can toggle between both websites seamlessly and with ease by clicking on the links.  Try it out and you will see how easy it is!


Over time, we will be adding more products unique to our Alternate Care site, and right now we want to share some of the exciting features with the addition of this new site. Here are some great features that you will find with our websites:

  • You don’t need separate logins per website.  Your username and password works with both websites.  Easy Peasy!
  • Want to shop and move between both websites?  You can.  We have an advanced cart feature which means you can add products from both websites into the same shopping cart, and you can check out in either website.  How cool is that?
  • Want to see which website you purchased a product from?  You can, log in to your account on either website, and you’ll see which website you purchased product from. Pretty nifty!
  • Do you love our Online Loyalty Rewards Program on the EMP website?  You should, it provides money saving discounts, and we also have the same Online Loyalty Rewards Program on our Alternate Care website.  So, start earning those points!

Look for more updates, as we will soon be rolling out more great features with our Online Loyalty Rewards Program.  In the meantime, if you have any feedback to share on the or websites, we welcome your comments.

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EMP is excited to introduce the Defibtech Lifeline ARM. The Lifeline ARM Automated Chest Compression (ACC) device is used to perform mechanical chest compressions when effective CPR is not possible.

Effective cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) requires a high level of excellence in order to have an impact on the survival rate of a cardiac arrest victim. This is very difficult to achieve manually when fatigue can occur in as little as 1-2 minutes while trying to maintain at least 2 inches/5 cm depth compressions at a minimum rate of 100 compressions per minute.

The Lifeline ARM when used as an adjunct to manual CPR, provides extended CPR with minimal interruptions when fatigue, insufficient personnel, or patient transport (e.g., ambulance, intra-hospital) may prohibit the delivery of effective/consistent compressions to the victim.

The Lifeline ARM is an unsurpassed solution for automated CPR. Designed for the ruggedness and durability demands of the professional first responder, the Lifeline ARM delivers portability, quick deployment, and ensures high quality CPR. The result is a truly useful product to help save lives.

Contact EMP at 800.558.6270 for more details.


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Who’s going to Baltimore for the EMS Today 2016 – The JEMS Conference & Exposition? If you are, plan on visiting the EMP Team at booth 2519. We’ll be there and we want to show you all the great new products we have.

Get hands on experience with new EMS products like the IntuBrite™ VLS 6630 Edge Plus Video Laryngoscope, O-Two eSeries Transport Ventilators, PerSys Medical NIO™ Intraosseous Device, and more.

The EMS Today 2016 – The JEMS Conference & Exposition is celebrating 35 years and EMP couldn’t be happier to be there. This conference and exposition features progressive speakers that promise to deliver quality content and reliable information that is relevant to you. Advance your career, strengthen your skills, and make some new contacts at the networking events. Giddy up, it’s going to be awesome!

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EMP Exhibiting At WEMSA 2016

by EMP Editor on January 27, 2016

The 30th Annual Working Together Emergency Services Midwest Conference & Expositions is officially upon us! My, my how another year flew by…

The Wisconsin EMS Association (WEMSA), one of the sponsors, is the premier event for EMTs, First Responders, Firefighters, and all other healthcare and emergency providers. This six day conference offers nearly 70 sessions that will provide more information than ever and the beat on the street is there are a lot of fun social events planned too.

The EMP Crew hopes to see you in the expo hall while you’re in between sessions. Stop by, say hi, and check out some new EMS products including the IntuBrite™ VLS 6630 Edge Plus Video Laryngoscope, O-Two eSeries Transport Ventilators, PerSys Medical NIO™ Intraosseous Device, and much more. We’ll be at booth 808…don’t be shy.

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Name the Reindeer Contest Winner

by EMP Editor on December 18, 2015

Well, we have a winner!  As voted by our employees, the winning name for our Name the Reindeer Contest is “Bambilance”.  Congratulations to our winner, which was an Air Ambulance service based out of Georgia.

We had some interesting entries, from Randy the Resusci Reindeer; to Rhinophyma, the Red Nosed Reindeer; to Airhorn.  We thank everyone that participated in our Name the Reindeer Contest, and look forward to another interesting naming event during the next holiday season.

By the way, we shipped Bambilance safely out to the winner today. He opted for a free ride via FedEx vs. flying, and rumor has it he will arrive to the winner before Christmas Eve.

Here’s to a Happy Holiday Season to all of you from all of us at EMP.

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