What Exactly Is Tamiflu?

by EMP Editor on September 21, 2009

Everyone knows about the Influenza A (AKA H1N1 virus, swine flu) and the basic tips on how to prevent it (wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough, etc.) So, what happens when you or someone living in your household gets the flu? You have to live there too. What are you supposed to do in the meantime?

There’s a prescribed antiviral flu medicine called Tamiflu. Some people think only the person who has the flu virus should take it. However, if you personally have been exposed to someone who has the flu taking Tamiflu can help keep the virus from making you sick.

So, here’s the dealio (the facts) of Tamiflu:

  • Tamiflu is a medicine that must be taken within 12 to 48 hours from the first appearance of flu symptoms
    • For flu treatment: When taken within two days of experiencing symptoms, Tamiflu works by helping to stop the flu virus from spreading inside the body
      For flu prevention: When you have been exposed to someone with the flu, taking Tamiflu can help keep the virus from making you sick
  • Tamiflu is effective for adults and children aged one year and older
  • Tamiflu is the #1 doctor-prescribed medicine for flu treatment
  • Tamiflu is not a substitute for the flu shot (getting a flu vaccination is your first line of defense in flu prevention)
  • In flu treatment studies of patients who took Tamiflu within 48 hours of the first appearance of symptoms:
    • Adults felt better 30 percent faster (1.3 days) than flu patients who did not take Tamiflu
      Children felt better up to 26 percent faster (1.5 days) than flu patients who did not take Tamiflu

    Source: Tamiflu.com

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    medical refrigeration September 23, 2009 at 9:09 am

    When the swine flu was at its peak my brother got it and was given tamiflu but I remember him saying that the after effects were worse then having the swine flu – saying that he recovered and is well.

    Sarah September 25, 2009 at 10:07 am

    A couple of years ago I got Influenza Type-A. I went to the doctor within 48 hours and was prescribed Tamiflu. The symptoms did go away earlier than had I not taken it. I had no side effects whatsoever after taking Tamiflu. I also received a prescription for my roommate since there was obvious exposure. My roommate took the Tamiflu and remained flu-free and had no kind of side effects to the flu medicine. What kind of side effects did your brother have? Does he have any allergies?

    Bryan October 13, 2009 at 9:30 pm

    Luckily looks like the spreading of H1N1 has been stopped but this might come in handy if it comes back. Thanks for this, might give it a try.

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